Using a metal wall bracket, Using a tv stand, Using a stand – Yamaha YSP-1100 User Manual

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■ Using a metal wall bracket

You can use the optional metal wall bracket to mount this

unit on the wall in your listening room.

Metal wall bracket


■ Using a TV stand

You can use the optional TV stand to install this unit. For

detailed information on installing this unit using a TV

stand, refer to the installation manual supplied with the

optional TV stand.


This unit


Refer to the instructions supplied with the metal bracket for
details on how to attach the metal bracket to the wall or how to
attach this unit to the metal bracket.

■ Using a stand

You can mount your TV on the stand placed on a

commercially available rack to install this unit under your



This unit

■ Using a rack

You can install this unit either above or under your TV in a

commercially available rack.

When this unit is instaiied above your TV


This unit

Refer to the instructions supplied with the stand for details on
how to install the stand or how to mount this unit and the TV on

the stand.

When this unit is installed under your TV


Make sure that the rack is large enough to allow adequate
ventilation space around this unit (see page 11) and that it is
strong enough to support the weight of both this unit and your TV.