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AUTO SETUP (IntellìBeam)

This unit creates a sound field by reflecting sound beams on the walls of your listening room and broadening the
cohesion of all the channels. Just as you would arrange the speaker position of other audio systems, you need to set the
beam angle to enjoy the best possible sound from this unit.
This unit employs the beam optimization and sound optimization features with the aid of the supplied optimizer
microphone, allowing you to avoid troublesome listening-based setup and achieving highly accurate sound adjustments
that best match your listening environment. We call these 2 features

“Intel11 Beam” generically.

The beam optimization creates the best possible surround sound field without manually setting the parameters for your
listening room.
The sound optimization feature performs the following checks and automatically makes appropriate sound adjustments.

Checks the distance of each beam from this unit and adjusts the delay of each channel so that each sound beam reaches
the listening position at the same time.

Adjusts frequency and levels of each channel’s parametric equalizer to reduce coloration across the channels and create a
cohesive sound field. The sound optimization feature incorporates three parameters (frequency, level and Q factor) for
each of the seven bands in its parametric equalizer to provide highly precise automatic adjustment of frequency

Checks and adjusts the sound output level of each channel.

The flow



This unit performs a series of checks to optimize the beam angle, delay, volume and quality. You can choose to optimize
all or part of the parameters.

Checking the environment of

your listening room

Optimizing the beam angle



Checking the subwoofer

Optimizing the beam delay,

frequency and volume




The beam angle checking procedure is skipped if SOUND

OPTIMZ only is selected.

*2 The sound optimization procedure is skipped if BEAM

OPTIMZ only is selected.

*3 The subwoofer checking procedure is skipped if BEAM

OPTIMZ only is selected.

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