Connections, For audio input for video input, 15 £n – Yamaha YSP-1100 User Manual

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This unit is equipped with the following types of audio/video input/output jacks:

For audio input

For video input

• 2 optical digital input jacks

3 composite analog input jacks

• 1 coaxial digital input jack

2 sets of component analog input jacks

• 2 sets of analog input jacks

For video output

1 composite analog output jack

• 1 set of component analog output jacks

Use these audio/video input/output jacks to connect external components such as your TV, DVD player, VCR, digital

satellite tuner, cable TV tuner and game console. Further, by connecting a subwoofer to this unit, you can enjoy

reinforced low bass sounds. For details on how to connect various types of external components to this unit, see pages 16

to 22.


Do not connect this unit or other components to the main power until all connections between components are complete.

Audio connection

Video connection


To prevent cables from becoming unplugged, place the supplied

cable clamp with the open side facing upward, attach it to the rear

panel of this unit in a suitable position and then affix cables in the

cable clamp.

Optical fiber cable

15 £n