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Stereo playback

You can enjoy 2-channel stereo playback by changing the
beam mode to the stereo playback using the beam mode
buttons on the remote control. The normal sounds are
output from the front and left channels in the 2-channel
stereo. This is ideal for playing back hi-fi sources, such as
CDs, and can be used to replace your TV speakers.


• When you play back multi-channel sources, all signals except

those for the front left and right channels are mixed down and
output from the front left and right channels. No audio is output
from the center and rear channels.

• The surround mode becomes disabled when the stereo playback

is selected as the beam mode.

• When you play back Dolby Digital audio signals in the stereo

playback, the dynamic range becomes compressed. If the
volume level decreases to the extreme, use other beam modes
except the my beam.

• If the stereo playback is selected as the beam mode, the

surround modes (see page 44) and the CINEMA DSP programs
(see page 52) become ineffective.


Set the operation mode selector to YSP to
switch to the operation mode of this unit.



Press STEREO on the remote control to

select the stereo playback as a beam mode.

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