Opening new email, Opening email, Operations when opening email – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

Page 110

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Opening New Email

Ringtone sounds and

appears for new email.

Drag Status Bar down for Notifications Window

Notifications Window appears.

Tap new email notification

Message window opens.

・For two or more new messages, Inbox opens; select one.

Opening Email

In app sheet,


Inbox opens.

Tap message

Message window opens.

Operations when Opening Email

Resetting Mail as Unread

In email list, Touch & Hold message to be set as unread

on Action Bar

Deleting Mail

In email list, Touch & Hold message to delete


Action Bar


・If confirmation appears, follow onscreen prompts.

Syncing Accounts Manually

In email list,

on Action Bar

Tap the account to

be synced


・Sync sent and received email messages manually at any

time regardless of the automatic sync settings.