Capturing screenshots (clip now), Viewing screenshots, Screenshot operations – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

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Capturing Screenshots (Clip Now)

Screenshot may not be captured depending on the screen.

Touch corner at top of Display

Screen is reduced.

Slide finger along top of Display

Screenshot is captured.

・Slide finger from left or right to capture.

Viewing Screenshots

In app sheet,


(Clip Now)

Screenshot list opens.

・If a description of Clip Now appears, follow onscreen


Tap captured screenshot

Captured screenshot opens (screenshot view window).

・After capturing a screenshot with Clip Now,


in Status Bar. Screenshot can also be opened by Dragging
Status Bar down and Tapping screenshot notification.

・After capturing a webpage, URL is shown. Tap URL to open


Screenshot Operations

Sending Screenshots

In screenshot view window,

Tap send method

Follow onscreen prompts


is not shown, Tap Display first.

Deleting Screenshots

In screenshot view window,



is not shown, Tap Display first.