Data usage settings, Handset settings, Data usage operations – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

Page 197: Data usage window layout

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Handset Settings


Data Usage Settings

Check your amount of mobile data usage (per month) and
restrict usage.
Data usage is only as tracked by handset, and may differ from
actual data usage statement.

Data Usage Settings

Check data usage.

In app sheet,


Data usage

Data usage window opens.

Set each item

Setting is complete.

Data Usage Operations

Enable/Disable Mobile Data Communication

In Data usage window,


for Mobile data


to toggle on (


to toggle off



・If confirmation appears, follow onscreen prompts.

Set Time Period for Data Usage to Reset

In Data usage window, Tap date in Data usage cycle

Change cycle…

Select reset date


Check Data Usage per Function

In Data usage window, Tap function name (

Android OS



Enable/Disable Application Auto-Syncing

In Data usage window,

Auto-sync data



Auto-sync data

to toggle on (

)/off (



Auto-sync data

to reduce Battery consumption.

Data Usage Window Layout

Data communication limit line

Data communication alert line

Data usage view period


Data usage

Services used during period

Open menu

Mobile data field: Enable/disable mobile data

Limit mobile data communication

Data usage cycle field: Show cycle for checking data
usage/set cycle reset date


1 Drag bars left and right to adjust view period.
2 Data usage cycle is reset on the same day of every month

(at time of purchase, day before first handset activation)
(Reset date settable).