Video camera, Camera cautions, Mobile light warning – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

Page 120: Recording videos, Video viewfinder operations

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Video Camera

Camera Cautions

General Use

Mind etiquette when using Camera.

Keep Lens Clean

Fingerprints/smudges may hinder handset imaging. Clean
Lens with a soft cloth beforehand.

Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure

Do not expose Lens area to direct sunlight for extended
periods; may damage color filter, altering images.

Continuous Recording Time

Recording capacity is 2 GB per file (recording stops when
exceeded). To continue recording, start another session.

Mobile Light

Handset does not charge while Mobile Light is shining.
Turning on Mobile Light while charging causes charging to
Turning on Mobile Light when using Camera while charging
also causes charging to stop.
If battery level is low, handset may close Camera.

Mobile Light Warning

Do not shine Mobile Light in eyes; may affect eyesight or
cause other problems.

Recording Videos

Record H.264/AAC videos.

・Recorded videos are saved to SD Card.

In app sheet,


(SH Camera)

Photo Viewfinder opens.

Video Viewfinder opens.

・If confirmation appears, follow onscreen prompts.

Aim External Camera at subject

(recording starts)

Tone sounds and recording starts.

・Alternatively, Press Volume Up/Down Key to start recording.

(recording stops)

Tone sounds and recording stops; video is saved to SD card.

・Alternatively, Press Volume Up/Down Key to stop recording.

Video Viewfinder Operations

Adjusting Brightness

Drag up/down for Brightness Scale

Adjusting Zoom

Drag left/right or Pinch/Spread for Zoom Slider

Opening Recorded Video

Tap preview thumbnail

(Album) opens and file view window appears.

・Use Album functions to play captured videos, send videos,

or delete videos. See "

Viewing & Managing Photos/Videos


" for details.