Using translation functions ​(english), Using translation functions (english), Using search capture – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

Page 140: Translation finder/translation capture, Using translation finder

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Using Search Capture

・Open content to search beforehand.


(Search Capture)

Search Capture opens.

Brush finger over words to search

Tiles appear with information relating to the brushed


・Tap light blue area to edit searched words.

Tap tile

Search results appear.

・Tapping image or video search result activates viewing



to narrow down search results depending on search

type. Tap

for continuation of search results.

Using Translation Functions


Use Translation Finder to translate English scanned with
Camera into Japanese in real time. Use Translation Capture
to translate English in webpages or files into Japanese while
shown in Display.

Translation Finder/Translation Capture

Translation is from English into Japanese only.
English text may not be scanned or may not be translated
properly depending on font, background, text color, text
size, layout, etc.

Using Translation Finder

・Two images are captured, an original photo, and a translated


・Captured photos are saved to SD Card.

In app sheet,


(Translation finder)

Photo Viewfinder (Translation Finder) opens.

・Alternatively, activate the SH Camera application and

change the shooting mode to


. See "


Shooting Modes

" for details on changing shooting modes.

Aim Camera (External Camera) at English to translate

Japanese translation appears.

・Orient text in the same orientation as

for recognition.

・Make sure entire English to be translated appears in screen.