Unmounting sd card, Removing sd card – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

Page 14

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Unmounting SD Card

In app sheet,



Unmount microSD


Unmount microSD

changes to

Mount microSD

. (SD Card

is unmounted.)

・To have SD Card recognized again, Tap

Mount microSD


Removing SD Card

Always power off beforehand.
If handset is hot, wait until it cools down after powering off.
Do not touch Protective Sheet while handset is hot; may cause
burn injuries.

Remove Battery Cover

・Use notch (○) to lift Battery Cover. Push up Battery Cover

along edges to remove it.

Remove SD Card

・Gently pull it straight out.

Attach Battery Cover

・Press down firmly where shown (○) starting from top of

handset without leaving gaps. Do not apply excessive force
to Battery Cover; damage may result.