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S! Mail

Exchange messages with S! Mail-compatible SoftBank handsets
and email compatible devices (other mobiles, PCs, etc.) beyond
SMS character entry limit; attach media files.


Exchange short messages (up to 160 single-byte characters)
using handset numbers as addresses.


Gmail is Google's webmail service. Handset automatically syncs
with Gmail.


Use email (POP3/IMAP4) on handset.

・Set up an email account beforehand.
・Sending/receiving email on handset syncs handset and

mail server; sent/received messages (in the POP protocol,
received messages only) are also accessible from PCs.

S! Mail Initial Setup

Setting Up S! Mail Initially

When activating mail for the first time, complete setup to
send/receive S! Mail using Wi-Fi and to import sent/received
SMS by


In app sheet,



Setup to Wi-Fi connection window opens.

Set Now

Wi-Fi connection setup is complete and thread list opens.

・To perform setup later, Tap

Set Later


Completing Wi-Fi Connection Setup for
S! Mail via Menu Items

If you Tap

Set Later

at initial startup, complete setup

to send/receive S! Mail using Wi-Fi as follows.

In thread list,

Send/Receive Settings



Cautions for Sending/Receiving S! Mail
Using Wi-Fi

International S! Mail Transmission Fees

Transmission fees apply when sending international S! Mail
messages even if Wi-Fi is in use.