Important product information, Safety precautions, General use – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

Page 229: Heat from handset use, Camera, In-call/transmission cautions, Urgent news (application)

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Safety Precautions


Important Product Information

General Use

・If your USIM Card or handset (with USIM Card inserted) is

lost or stolen, suspend your service immediately. For details,
contact SoftBank Customer Support,

General Information


・Handset transmissions may be disrupted inside buildings,

tunnels or underground, or when moving into/out of such
places; may affect calls.

・Use handset without disturbing others.
・Handsets are radios as stipulated by the Radio Law. Under

the Radio Law, handsets must be submitted for inspection
upon request.

・Charging by USB takes longer than by household AC outlet.

Charging may not be possible/take a long time depending on
connection and computer conditions.

・Handset use near landlines, TVs or radios may cause


・Beware of eavesdropping.

Because this service is completely digital, the possibility
of signal interception is greatly reduced. However, some
transmissions may be overheard.
Deliberate/accidental interception of communications
constitutes eavesdropping.

・Beware of harmful/malicious websites. Take added care

when posting personal information.

・Display uses liquid crystal.

When wearing polarized sunglasses and depending on the
angle, the screen may appear dark or distorted.

・An export license may be required to carry handset into

other countries if it is to be used by or transferred to
another person. However, no such license is required when
taking handset abroad for personal use on a vacation or
business trip and then bringing it back.
Export control regulations in the United States provide that
an export license granted by the US government is required
to carry handset into Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan or

Heat from Handset Use

・Handset internal temperature may increase depending on

usage or environment, causing housing to heat up. (Handset
may stop charging or Display brightness may be adjusted for
After a period of handset use under such conditions,
warning appears and handset shuts down after
approximately 3 minutes. To lower handset internal
temperature and prevent automatic shutdown, exit all
applications and activate Screen lock.

・After a period of Camera use at high internal temperature,

warning appears and handset automatically shuts down.
(Shot image is saved.)


・Mind etiquette when using Camera.
・Test Camera before shooting special moments.
・Do not use Camera in places where shooting is prohibited.
・Shot images may not be used/transferred without copyright

holder (photographer) permission, except for personal use.

In-Call/Transmission Cautions

・During calls/transmissions, calling/transmission charges/

fees apply even if other functions or operations are
simultaneously in use.

・Transmissions involving JavaScript may incur high charges.

Urgent News (Application)

・Handset receives alerts by default (Urgent News Incoming

Setting is enabled).

・Alert tones sound even in Manner mode.
・Alerts are not received during calls/transmissions or in poor

signal conditions.

・Depending on usage/situation, handset may receive alerts

for other areas or no alerts.

・Standby Time may decrease when Urgent News Incoming

Setting is enabled.

・SoftBank Mobile Corp. cannot be held liable for any damages

associated with this service, including accidents resulting
from received information, reception timing or reception