Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

Page 228

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Before cleaning, grasp plug and disconnect


May cause electric shock or other problems.

Always grasp plug (not cord/cable) to

disconnect Charger.

Pulling plug by cord/cable may damage cord/cable and
cause electric shock, fire, etc.

When Charger is connected to a power strip, do

not apply excessive force by stomping or in any

other way.

May cause fire or malfunction.

Do not subject Charger to strong impact while

it is plugged in.

May cause malfunction or injury.

Keep hands and other body parts away from


May cause burns, electric shock, injury or malfunction.

Handset Use & Electronic Medical


This section is based on "Guidelines on the Use of Radio
Communications Equipment such as Cellular Telephones and
Safeguards for Electronic Medical Equipment" (Electromagnetic
Compatibility Conference, April 1997) and "Guidelines to
safeguard implanted medical devices against radio emissions
from the use of radio equipment" (Ministry of Internal Affairs
and Communications, January 2013).

Persons with implanted pacemaker/defibrillator

should keep handset more than 15 cm away.

Radio waves may interfere with implanted pacemakers or

Before using electronic medical equipment

other than implanted pacemaker/defibrillator

outside medical facilities, consult the vendor

on radio wave effects.

Radio waves may interfere with electronic medical

If it may not be possible to keep handset

15 cm away from other persons (e.g., in a

crowded situation where you cannot move

freely), suspend signal-transmitting functions

(e.g., by activating Airplane mode) or power

off beforehand. If an application that

automatically powers handset on is installed,

disable that feature before powering off.

Persons with implanted pacemaker/defibrillator

may be near.

Radio waves may interfere with implanted pacemakers or
defibrillators causing such devices to malfunction.

Observe these rules inside medical facilities

to avoid effects of radio waves on electronic

medical equipment:

・Do not enter an operating room or an Intensive or
Coronary Care Unit while carrying a handset.
・Keep handset off in hospitals.
・Even in lobbies or other places where mobile phone use
is permitted, keep handset off near electronic medical
・Obey medical facility rules on mobile phone use.