Showing handset screen on other devices, Connectivity, Using wireless output – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

Page 173: Wireless output operations

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Showing Handset Screen on Other


View the same content output from handset screen on another
device (mirroring). Enjoy handset photos and videos on the
larger screen of a TV, etc.

Using Wireless Output

Connect handset and a nearby Wi-Fi Direct-compatible device
by Wi-Fi without an intermediate access point.

・Depending on handset application, handset screen may not

appear on connected device.

In app sheet,


Other settings

Network settings

Wireless output(Miracast)

Wireless output window opens.

・If confirmation appears, follow onscreen prompts.

on Action Bar

Wireless output is enabled (


・If Wi-Fi settings are OFF, they are turned ON.
・Handset scans for nearby devices, and names of available

Wi-Fi Direct-compatible devices appear.

・To disable wireless output, Tap



Tap other devices

After authenticating, the same content as on handset

screen appears on other devices.

・Authenticated devices are registered to handset, allowing an

easier next connection.

・If a call arrives or battery runs low during wireless output,

handset is disconnected.

Operate handset for screen to show on other devices

Screen on other devices change according to handset


Wireless Output Operations

Wirelessly Outputting to Previously-Connected


Available when Wireless output is ON.

Tap device to connect to in Wireless output window

Setting Authentication Method

In Wireless window,

Authentication method

Push-button method


PIN method




Enabling/Disabling Handset Screen to Turn Off

during Wireless Output

In Wireless output window,

Keep the screen on


Keep the screen on

to toggle on (

)/off (


・If handset screen turns off during wireless output,

nothing appears on other device screens.

Viewing Help

In Wireless output window,