Sd card – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

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Getting Started


Removing USIM Card

Always power off beforehand.
If handset is hot, wait until it cools down after powering off.
Do not touch Protective Sheet while handset is hot; may cause
burn injuries.

Remove Battery Cover

・Use notch (○) to lift Battery Cover. Push up Battery Cover

along edges to remove it.

Remove USIM Card

・Gently push in USIM Card and release. After it pops out,

carefully remove without bending.

Attach Battery Cover

・Press down firmly where shown (○) starting from top of

handset without leaving gaps. Do not apply excessive force
to Battery Cover; damage may result.

SD Card

Handset supports SD Card up to 128 GB. Some SD Cards may
not operate properly.

Complimentary Sample SD Card

Sample SD Card is preinstalled.

・Warranty does not cover sample SD Card.

SD Card Usage Notes

SD Card Files

SD Card files may be lost/altered due to accidents,
malfunctions, repairs, handset upgrade/replacement,
mishandling, etc. Back up important files regularly.
SoftBank Mobile Corp. is not liable for any damages
resulting from loss/alteration of files.

・Never power off while files are being accessed.

microSDXC Card

Handset supports microSDXC Cards (SDXC-compatible SD
Cards). microSDXC Cards are supported by SDXC-compatible
devices only.

Exchanging Files with Non-SDXC-Compatible


To exchange files between handset and non-SDXC-
compatible devices, use SD Cards (microSD/microSDHC
Cards) supported by handset and those devices. Inserting a
microSDXC Card used on handset in a non-SDXC-compatible
device may corrupt card files. In such cases, do not format
the microSDXC Card on that device even if prompted to do
Formatting deletes all microSDXC Card files and changes
the file system. The original memory capacity may
be unavailable after formatting. To use a corrupted
microSDXC Card, format it on an SDXC-compatible device.

SD Card Caution

Keep SD Card away from infants; may cause choking if