Notifications window, Opening notifications window, Notifications window operations – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

Page 54: Notifications window layout

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Notifications Window

Open notifications, check handset status or change various

Opening Notifications Window

Drag Status Bar down

Notifications Window appears.

・To close Notifications Window, Tap


Notifications Window Operations

Deleting Notifications

In Notifications Window, Flick notification left/right

・Some notifications may not be deleted.

Enlarging/Shrinking Notifications in

Notifications Window

In Notifications Window, Pinch/Spread notification

・Unavailable for some notifications.

Viewing Application Information from

Notifications Window

In Notifications Window, Touch & Hold notification for

App info

Notifications Window Layout

Setting keys

Show second and subsequent lines of Setting keys.

Notifications and active functions

Use corresponding functions.

Handset status


Open Settings.

Delete all notifications and close Notifications Window.

Close Notifications Window. (Flick up.)

1 Tap for corresponding settings.