Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

Page 227

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Safety Precautions


Charger (Optional Accessory)

Do not cover/wrap Charger with a cloth or

blanket while charging. In addition, do not

leave Charger covered with a cloth or blanket

when going to bed.

Heat may collect, resulting in fire, burns, malfunction, etc.

Use only the specified voltage.

Non-specified voltages may cause fire, malfunction, etc.
・AC Charger: AC 100 V - 240 V Input
・In-Car Charger (use in negative earth vehicles only): DC
12 V/24 V Input
Do not use power adapters designed for overseas travel.
Transformer use may cause fire, electric shock or

Unplug Charger when not in use; grasp plug and

disconnect it.

If a foreign object/liquid adheres to blades, or if blades
get stomped while Charger is plugged in, electric shock,
fire or malfunction may result.

If liquid (water, pet urine, etc.) gets inside,

grasp plug and disconnect Charger immediately.

May cause electric shock, smoke or fire.

To remove debris, grasp plug and disconnect

Charger, then clean with a dry cloth.

Fire may result.

Plug Charger firmly into the outlet, keeping

the plug and connector away from conductive

material (pencil lead, metal strip/jewelry, etc.).

May cause fire, burns, malfunction, etc. due to electric
shock or short-circuiting.

Do not touch Charger plug or connector with

wet hands.

May cause electric shock, malfunction, etc.

Do not touch Charger if thunder is audible.

May cause electric shock or other problems.

Do not use Charger in high humidity or near

water (in bathrooms, shower rooms, etc.).

May cause fire, electric shock or malfunction.

Do not use In-Car Charger in positive earth


May cause fire or other problems. Use in negative earth
vehicles only.

Use only the specified fuse for In-Car Charger.

Non-specified fuse may cause fire or malfunction. See In-
Car Charger manual for details.