Power on/off, Charging by in-car charger, Power on – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

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Charging by In-Car Charger

Charging using Micro USB Charging Adapter [SHCDL1]
(optional accessory) and In-Car Charger [SHJR01] (optional

・Charging is possible when car engine is on.

Connect In-Car Charger to Micro USB Charging Adapter

・Check orientation of connectors, then connect firmly

without bending until they click.

Insert Micro USB Charging Adapter (Micro USB plug) into
External Device Port

・Insert Micro USB plug in correct orientation; otherwise,

External Device Port may be damaged. Check contours and
orientation of Micro USB plug before inserting it.

Connect In-Car Charger to cigarette lighter socket

Charging starts and Notification Lamp illuminates red.

Notification Lamp goes out when charge is full.

・Notification Lamp illuminates green when charge is almost


After charging, remove plug from socket, and detach adapters

Power On/Off

Power On

Long Press

until SHARP logo appears

After Power On Graphics, Welcome sheet (lock screen)




Initial setting window appears.

See "

Initial Settings

" for details on initial settings.