Google play, Signing in to a google account, Google play cautions – Sharp AQUOS Crystal User Manual

Page 40: Installing free applications

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Signing in to a Google Account

If an application requires a Google Account, Add a Google
Account appears. Sign in to use the application.

In Add a Google Account,


Enter email address


Enter password

Follow onscreen prompts

You are signed in to your Google Account.

Google Play

Download free and paid applications via Google Play.
Downloaded applications can be updated manually or
automatically. Sign in to a Google Account beforehand.

Google Play Cautions

Application Installation Disclaimer

Download and install applications on this handset via
Google Play (developed by Google Inc.) at your own
risk. SoftBank Mobile Corp. is not responsible for user
installed application content (quality, reliability, legality,
appropriateness, accuracy, etc.) or malfunctions installed
applications may cause (due to viruses, etc.).

Google Play Operations & User Interface

Operations and user interface are subject to change due to
automatic application updates or other reasons.

Installing Free Applications

In app sheet,

(Play Store)

Google Play opens.

・If confirmation appears, follow onscreen prompts.

Tap free application



Application downloads and installs.