Error reporting, Settings, Turn error reporting on / off – UTStarcom PN-820 User Manual

Page 80: Select tty mode

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Error Reporting sends information needed by technical support groups

to diagnose a program error for a device running Windows Mobile

software. A text file is created whenever an error is detected, and can

be delivered to support personnel if you choose to send it. If a program

error occurs, Error Reporting [Start]s automatically. The information

Microsoft receives is used by programming groups at Microsoft.

The data is used for quality control and will not be used for tracking

individual users or installations for any marketing purpose.
With Error Reporting, the only data that is initially collected is technical

data about the state of the program and your device when the

error occurred. No documents (or any data contained in them) are

intentionally sent with the report information. To ensure further security,

the data that is collected is transmitted via a secure connection and is

kept confidential and anonymous in a limited-access database. This

approach is in keeping with the privacy regulations of the European

Union (EU) as well as the Fair Information Practice Principles of the

Federal Trade Commission. To view the Fair Information Practice

Principles, visit the Federal Trade Commission Web site at


You can turn the error reporting on and off as you need it without

affecting the error data collected by the phone.

1 From the Home screen, press the left soft key <


2 Select Settings and press O [OK].
3 Scroll to Error Reporting and press O [OK].
4 Use the left and right Navigation Keys to Enable

or Disable Error Reporting.

5 Press [Done].



Your phone is able to operate with TTY (Teletypewriter) digital modes.

This feature is system dependent and may not be available in all areas.

1 From the Home screen, press the left soft key <


2 Select Settings and press O [OK].
3 Scroll to Call Options and press O [OK].
4 Select TTY mode (Full, Talk, Hear, Off)
5 Press [Done].