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Grain Cart


Rev. 4/14


Safety Precautions

General Safety Rules

1. Read and understand instructions provided in this

manual and warning labels. Review these instructions


2. This machine is designed and built with your safety

in mind. Do not make any alterations or changes to this

machine. Any alteration to design or construction may

create safety hazards.

3. A large portion of farm accidents happen from fatigue

or carelessness. Safe and careful operation of tractor and

grain cart will help prevent accidents.

4. Never allow cart to be operated by anyone unfamiliar

with operation of all functions of the unit. Operators must

read and thoroughly understand all instructions given in

this manual before operating or working on equipment.

5. Be aware of bystanders, particularly children! Always

look around to make sure it is safe to start tow vehicle

engine or move grain cart. This is particularly important

with higher noise levels and quiet cabs, as you may not

hear people shouting.

6. Make sure cart weight does not exceed towing capacity

of tractor, or bridge and road limits. This is critical to

maintain safe control and prevent death or injury, or

property and equipment damage.

7. Never ride or allow others to ride on cart

8. Store cart in an area away from human activity. DO

NOT permit children to play on or around stored unit.

9. Keep hands, feet, and clothing away from moving parts.

Do not wear loose-fitting clothing which may catch in

moving parts.

10. Always wear protective clothing, shoes, gloves, and

hearing and eye protection applicable for the situation.

11. Do not allow anyone to stand between tongue or hitch

and towing vehicle when backing up to cart.

13. Prevent electrocution, other injuries, or property and

equipment damage. Watch for obstructions such as wires,

tree limbs, etc. when operating machine. Be aware of

clearances during turns and when folding/unfolding grain


14. Pick levelest possible route when transporting across


15. Never operate grain cart without PTO driveline guards,

tractor master shield and implement shields in place.

Make certain PTO driveline guards turn freely and are

properly attached.

16. Make sure parked machine is on a hard, level

surface. Wheel chocks may be needed to prevent unit

from rolling.

17. Follow all federal, state/provincial and local

regulations when towing farm equipment on a public

highway. Use safety chain (not an elastic or nylon/

plastic tow strap) to retain connection between towing

and towed machines in the event of primary attaching

system separation.

18. Make sure all safety/warning lights, SMV sign, and

reflective decals are in place and working properly

before transporting machine on public roads.

19. Tow only with farm tractor of a minimum 90 HP. Allow

for unit length when making turns.

20. Track carts should be limited to road use only when

empty and speed to less than 15 MPH.

21. Maintain field drive speeds that are appropriate to

the load condition and field condition.

22. Reduce speed prior to turns to avoid the risk of

overturning. Avoid sudden uphill turns on steep

slopes. Always drive at a safe speed relative to local

conditions and ensure your speed is slow enough for a

safe emergency stop.

23. Always keep the tractor in gear to provide engine

braking when going downhill. Do not coast.

24. Always disengage PTO, shutoff tractor engine and

remove the ignition key before leaving tractor seat,

lubricating or working on grain cart, or when cleaning

out debris.

25. Always make sure U-joint yokes are securely locked

on tractor and implement shaft before operating cart.

26. Be especially observant of the operating area and

terrain. Watch for holes, rocks or other hidden hazards.

Always inspect area before operation. DO NOT operate

near edge of drop-offs or banks, or on steep slopes as

overturn may result. Operate up and down (not across)

intermediate slopes. Avoid sudden starts and stops. Be

extra careful when working on inclines.

27. Never step across any driveline. Do not attach

drivelines with bolts or pins longer than recommended.

Never operate cart with damaged PTO driveline guards.