Kinze Grain Carts Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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The Data Downloader (DDL) stores and transfers data between indicator and a computer.

System requirements:

• Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista Operating System

• Serial Port

• 32 Mb of RAM

• Pentium 100 PC Or Higher

• 100 Mb Of Free Disk

• CD-Rom Drive

Step 1. Insert Data Transfer Utilities software (DTU) into CD-Rom.

Step 2. Connect interface and module cables.

Step 3. Connect interface cable (9-pin D-sub connector) to serial port on your computer.

NOTE: Cable must be securely connected to a COM port to function.

Step 4. Connect module cable to “Serial/J904” port on indicator. Press “PRINT” key. When printing is complete

remove module cable only.

Step 5. Fasten downloader module to interface cable.

NOTE: To lock downloader module to interface cable, twist fastener on downloader module.

Step 6. Follow DTU software instructions to transfer data files to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (or comparable


Step 7. Save scale output to a text file (instructions included with DTU software).

Step 8. With Microsoft Excel open (a) Select “Data” file menu, select “Import External Data”, then “Import Data”.

(b) Select text file to be transferred. (c) Text import wizard displays. (d) In original data type section select
“delimited” and click NEXT button. (e) In delimiters section select SPACE check box and click NEXT button.
(f) Click FINISH.

Step 9. Import to “Existing Worksheet” or “New Worksheet” and click OK.

Step 10. Text file now appears in separate cells and columns.