Lower vertical auger replacement, Lower vertical auger replacement -20 – Kinze Grain Carts Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Grain Cart


Rev. 4/13


Lubrication and Maintenance

1. Position vertical auger in the storage/transport folded position as shown.

2. Remove four ½" x 1½" hanger bearing bracket carriage bolts at upper end of lower vertical auger. Carefully work

hanger bearing bracket loose from auger housing.

NOTE: Do not bend hanger bearing bracket when moving auger.

1. Position strap around auger as shown above. Be sure strap is tight against auger center tube. Pull auger and

hanger bearing assembly out of auger housing.

2. Remove ¾" x 5" cap screw at top of lower vertical auger and remove hanger bearing bracket components from


3. Remove four ⅝" x 2" cap screws that attach bullet

spindle to top of lower vertical auger.

4. Install bullet spindle onto top of replacement auger

aligning ⅜" hole in auger with ⅜" hole in bullet spindle.

5. Position hanger bearing bracket components onto top

of replacement auger. Torque ¾" x 5" cap screw at top
of lower auger to 200 ft. lbs.

6. Lower replacement auger into lower auger housing and

onto lower drive lugs.

7. Position hanger bearing bracket with the split in the

bracket in “up” position. Install four hanger bearing
carriage bolts and nuts and tighten.


" x 4" Hex Socket Head

Cap Screw

Bullet Spindle

Hanger Bearing Bracket

" x 2" Cap Screws

Drive Lug

Lower Vertical Auger

" Hole