Electronic scale - gt 460, Electronic scale - gt 460 -15 – Kinze Grain Carts Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Grain Cart





GT 460 Indicator

See GT 460 manual provided and Troubleshooting
section of this manual for additional information.

NOTE: Indicator must be on active screen as

shown above before loading or unloading.

Suggested Operating Procedures

NOTE: Movement of cart causes scale indicator
reading to fluctuate.

Step 1 Press .

Step 2 Press and hold to zero balance if

cart is empty.

Step 3 Press to select field name.

Step 4 Press to select ID.

NOTE: Make sure active screen displays.

Step 5 Press before unloading grain from


Scale reads Zero and enters net mode.

Step 6 Unload grain. Upper Display shows amount

unloaded. Gross value (total amount left on

cart) displays on second line of Lower


Step 7 Press when unloading complete.

Entering Field Names

Note: Field and ID names can be uploaded from
a PC using a USB flash drive. Field names are
a maximum of 26 characters long and can be
changed using keypad before unloading.

Step 1 Press to modify or select field.

Field number is shown in upper display. Three lines
are displayed in Lower Display Window. Top line of
the three is current, editable, and is used for next
data record.

Step 3 Press or to scroll through fields

(150 maximum). Hold arrow to scroll faster.

Use or to move cursor within data line.

Step 4 Use keypad to enter or update field names.

Press to delete characters to left.

Press to delete selected character or

hold down to delete entire line.

Press to reset line to last saved data.

Step 5 Press and release for special

characters. Then press key with desired

special character. Repeat for each special


Step 6 Press or to exit.


Electronic scale option includes two load cells, one hitch
weigh beam, a tractor-mounted scale indicator console
and cables, brackets, and mounting hardware.

To measure weight, press START/STOP button before
and after unloading. Weight, date, time, and additional
notes are stored automatically using only the START/
STOP button.

USB Port allows easy data transfer to and from your
office PC using a flash drive. Records can be stored
for an entire season in the indicator memory and on
one 256 Megabyte USB Flash drive.

Provided Grain Tracker software allows generation of
a variety of reports on your PC. Reports can be read
by programs such as Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat,
and Microsoft Internet Explorer


NOTE: Scale is most accurate when cart is sitting

still on level ground when weighing.