Manual and electric roll tarp, Manual and electric roll tarp -10 – Kinze Grain Carts Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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NOTE: Mount the circuit breaker as close to the power source as possible. Direct connection to the battery or
a primary battery-direct power buss is advised. Run 6ga minimum wire size to the tarp system connector plug.

Electric Roll Tarp can be operated with remote or Manual switches.

Close Tarp: Push switch to

CLOSE and hold. Observe trap and release switch when tub is fully closed.

Open Tarp: Push switch to

OPEN and hold. Observe tarp and release switch when tub is fully opened.

The transmitter will power up when the lid is opened. The transmitter will power down when the lid is closed or when
the lid is left open three minutes after the last button is pushed.

Standard operation:
After power-up, the first channel will be immediately active and the LED indicator for this channel will be fl ashing. The
Open/On and Close/Off buttons are operational for the indicated active channel. While pressed, the LED indicator will
flash faster, indicating channel operation.

The Select button will cycle between enabled channels. If only
one channel is enabled, there will be no apparent change when
the Select button is pressed.

Channel programming mode:
The Shur-Co




has fi ve channels. Pressing the Select button toggles through these channels.

Unused channels can be disabled if desired, using the following process, but your transmitter is fully operational as
shipped. This process may be skipped. Unused transmitter channels will not perform any functions.

Hold the Select button down for 10 seconds and the transmitter will enter Channel Programming Mode. Each time
Channel Programming Mode is entered, the status of all five channels must be reset.

While In Channel Programming Mode, the programmable channel will be indicated by a solid lit LED.

NOTE: The trasmitter will NOT activate any motor or lighting system while the transmitter is in Channel
Programming Mode

Press the Open/On button to enable the current channel (designated by the indicator light). Press the Close/Off button
to disable the current channel. The indicator light will automatically jump to the next channel.

After programming all fi ve channels, the transmitter will display the programmed channel status for all channels for
three seconds. All enabled channel LEDs will be lit solid and all disabled channel LEDs will not be lit. Buttons will not
function during this three second period.

The transmitter will automatically exit Channel Programming Mode after three seconds and return to Operational

NOTE: If there is not at least one enabled channel after programming, the transmitter will not save the
changes and will revert back to the previously saved channel settings.

TIP: To cancel your changes and exit Channel Programming Mode, close the transmitter cover.