Kinze Grain Carts Rev. 7/14 User Manual

Page 49

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Grain Cart




Lubrication and Maintenance

Properly Install Stop
(Notch To Outside)

Properly Install Link


" Clearance With Belt

Tension Engaged

Spring Adjustment Bolts

3. Inspect all linkages to make sure all components have been installed correctly and are moving freely.

4. Hydraulically engage the belt tensioner.

5. Check for free space (clearance) on the spring adjustment bolts between washers and mount.

There should be approximately 516" (or the thickness of two washers) of clearance. Remove washers as required.

6. To remove washers, proceed as follows.

(a) Hydraulically disengage belt tension. (b) Remove the " locking nuts and remove the spring adjustment bolts

far enough to remove the required number of washers. (c) Reinstall washers to head side of the bolt (d) Reinstall
locking nut and tighten until nut “bottoms out” on the spring adjustment bolts.

7. After inspection and adjustments have been completed, reinstall side cover, indicator and cover.

V-belts are tensioned by a spring-loaded idler. Two
springs are used to maintain even pressure across
the V-belts. Set spring tension at 2¾" as shown at