Kinze Grain Carts Rev. 7/14 User Manual

Page 16

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Grain Cart





3. Remove hairpin clip and jack handle from storage location.

4. Install jack handle on jack shaft and raise cart.


Clean and grease PTO shaft coupling each time PTO is installed.
Apply coating of high-speed industrial coupling grease, such
as Chevron


Coupling Grease, that meets AGMA CG-1 and CG-2

standards to extend shaft spline life.

5. Connect cart to tractor hitch. Use a high quality hitch pin of sufficient length and strength and secure pin with a

locking device.

6. Raise jack. Return jack handle to storage location and install hairpin clip.

7. Attach cart PTO connecting yoke to tractor PTO shaft. Spring loaded yoke pin must engage groove in tractor PTO

shaft. Slip tube grease fitting must be visible through hole of outer tube.

8. Transport safety chain must be used to ensure connection is retained between cart and tractor in the event of a

hitch pin/drawbar failure. Torque attaching hardware to 840 ft-lb (1138 N-m).

Jack handle stowed

Jack handle installed

Safety chains