Electronic scale - gt 400, Electronic scale - gt 400 -14 – Kinze Grain Carts Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Grain Cart





GT 400 Indicator

Suggested Operating Procedures

NOTE: Movement of cart causes scale indicator
reading to fluctuate.

Step 1 Press to turn on scale.

NOTE: Allow one (1) minute for scale to warm
up (allow 5-10 minutes in cold weather).

Step 2 Press and hold to zero balance.

NOTE: Zero balance indicator when empty at
least once a day or more as required. If zero
balance is not correct it only affects gross weight
reading, not accuracy of displayed net weight.

Step 3 Load cart.

Step 4 Press

to begin unloading.

Display reads zero. Arrows point to Net and

Step 5 Unload cart. Negative reading on scale

indicator is pounds unloaded.

Step 6 Press when unloading is complete.

Indicator displays remaining weight left
on scale. Data is automatically added to
accumulator and saved to Printer or DDL
(data downloader kit).

Repeat Steps 4 - 6 each time cart is unloaded.

Entering Field ID

A user-entered, 6 character identification number is
used for referencing fields, trucks, owners or other

Step 1 Press .

FIELD displays and a flashing cursor or
character displays in the first position.

Step 2 Press to scroll available characters.

Hold for 4 seconds to increase scroll rate.

Step 3 Press

to scroll back.

Press to move to next character.

Step 4 Press to accept and save.

See GT 400 manual provided and Troubleshooting
Section of this manual for additional information.


Electronic scale option includes two load cells, one hitch weigh
beam, a tractor-mounted scale indicator console and cables,
brackets, and mounting hardware.

To measure what is unloaded, press “TARE” before starting to

unload. Weight being unloaded displays as a negative value.

Record this information and press “NET/GROSS” to return to

gross weight.

To measure what is loaded (For example when doing a field yield

check.), press “ZERO” to zero cart weight before loading.

NOTE: Scale is most accurate when cart is sitting still on

level ground when weighing.