Playing and erasing recorded images – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

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This section explains how to view the images you have recorded with the
EOS D30, how to erase images, and how to make settings for Digital Print
Order Format (DPOF) digital printers or photo lab printing services.
This section also describes how to connect the EOS D30 to a television and
how to set the date and time.


Playing and


Recorded Images

About Image Data Taken or Recorded by Other Devices

The EOS D30 may in some cases be unable to accurately display images taken with
other cameras, or taken with the EOS D30 but subsequently had image data or file
names modified by computer or other means.

About DPOF

DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) is a standard used to record (on the CF card or
other recording media) the image number, number of prints, etc. of images taken by
digital camera.

You can simply insert the CF card into a DPOF-compatible digital printer to make

prints as specified.

You will not need to fill out the desired numbers and quantities of prints when

ordering prints from a photo printing job.