Troubleshooting, Power – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

Page 138

background image

Unable to charge
battery pack.

Main switch does
not turn the camera



Access lamp blinks
even when the Main
Switch is



Battery loses power

Camera switches off
by itself

Only the


blinks on the LCD




If you have a problem with your camera, first refer to this Troubleshooting Guide as you check
the camera.


An incorrect battery pack is being used.

Use a Canon BP-511 battery pack. (→4)

Battery pack is not correctly attached to the compact power adapter.

Attach the battery pack correctly. (→25)

The DC coupler is connected to the compact power adapter.

Remove the DC coupler plug from the compact power adapter.

The battery pack is out of power.

Charge the battery pack. (→25)

Battery pack is not inserted correctly.

Insert the battery pack correctly. (→27)

Battery chamber cover is not closed.

Close the battery chamber cover tightly. (→27)

CF card slot cover is not closed.

Insert the CF card firmly until the CF card eject button pops out,

then close the CF card slot cover tightly. (→31)

If the Main Switch is set to


immediately after taking a picture,

the access lamp continues flashing for a few seconds until the
image is stored on the CF card.

After the image has been stored on the CF card the access lamp
will go out and the camera will turn off automatically.

Battery pack is not sufficiently charged.

Charge the battery pack fully. (→25)

Battery pack is beyond its useful life.

Obtain a new battery pack. (→140)

Auto power off function is operating.

Switch the camera on again with the main switch, or turn off the
Auto power off function. (→121)

Battery pack level is very low.

Charge the battery pack. (→25)

Camera is not operating properly.

Press the shutter button down halfway to reset the camera to
normal. (→33)

* If the

icon still appears, the camera needs repair. Take it

to a Canon Service Center. (→back cover)