Automatic depth-of-field ae – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

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Automatic Depth-of-Field AE

When taking pictures of large groups or landscapes, the EOS D30 can automatically achieve a
sharp focus over a wide depth of field. All the subjects covered by the focusing points, from those
close to the camera to those far away from the camera, can be taken clearly.


mode, the shutter speed and aperture value cannot be changed freely. If the camera

selects a slow shutter speed, the use of a tripod is recommended.

Automatic depth-of-field AE cannot be used if the lens’ focus mode switch is set to




on older lenses). Set the switch to




stands for Auto-Depth of field.


Set the Mode Dial to



Focus the picture.

Place a focusing point over the subject and
press the shutter button down halfway. (


The active focusing points are displayed.
The range between the nearest subject
covered by a focusing point and the farthest
subject covered by another focusing point
will be in sharp focus.

You can check the depth of field beforehand
while the exposure is displayed. (→77)

In this example, the focus will be sharp
from the distant subject covered by the left
focusing point to the nearby subject
covered by the right focusing point.


Check the display, then take the

If the aperture value is not blinking, the
exposure is correct.

Press the shutter button down fully.


If you use a flash, the result will be the same as using

(Program AE) mode with


If the aperture value is blinking, the exposure level is correct but the desired depth of
field cannot be achieved. Either use a wide-angle lens or move farther from the subject.