Metering modes – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

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Metering Modes

The EOS D30 uses three methods for metering: evaluative, partial, and center-weighted
The Easy Shooting zone uses evaluative metering. In the Creative zone, any of the three modes
can be selected.

: Evaluative Metering

This is an all-around metering mode suited even for
backlit subjects. The viewfinder field is divided into
35 metering zones to which the three focusing
points are linked for evaluative metering. The
camera determines the main subject’s size,
position, brightness, background, front and back
lighting, etc., so that it can select the proper
exposure for the subject at all times.

When using manual focusing, evaluative
metering is based on the center focusing point.

: Partial Metering

This is particularly effective when the background is
much brighter than the subject due to backlighting,
etc. This method uses a center area of
approximately 9.5% of the screen.

The area covered by partial metering is shown
on the left.

: Center-weighted Averaging Metering

This method meters the average exposure of the
entire viewfinder screen, and gives extra weight to
the center.