One-shot af for still subjects – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

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AF Mode Selection

One-Shot AF for Still Subjects

Press the shutter button down
halfway to activate AF operation
and focus once.

When the camera has focused, the
focusing point indicator and the in-focus

in the viewfinder light at the

same time.

When using evaluative metering, the
exposure setting is determined when focus
is achieved. The exposure setting and
focus remain locked as long as the shutter
button is pressed down halfway. You can
then recompose the shot while retaining
the exposure setting and focus (→62).

If the camera cannot focus, the in-focus indicator (●) in the viewfinder blinks. If this
happens, you will not be able to take a picture even if you press the shutter button
down fully. Instead, reframe the shot and focus again. See also, “Manual Focus”

In-focus indicator

Focusing point indicator