Bulb exposures – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

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In a bulb exposure, the shutter remains open as long as you hold the shutter button down, and
closes when you release it. Bulb exposures are useful for the long exposures required for night
scenes, fireworks, etc.


Set the Mode Dial to

〈 〉



Set the shutter speed to [


Look at the LCD panel and turn the

dial to select [


The next setting after [

] is [



Set the aperture value.

Turn the



Take the picture.

Press and hold the shutter button down fully.
During the bulb exposure, the elapsed
exposure time is displayed on the LCD panel
(1 to 999 seconds).

Exposure continues as long as you hold
down the shutter button.



anced Oper



Bulb Exposures

The Remote Switch RS-80N3 (sold separately), or Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3
(sold separately) can be used to eliminate the need to hold down the shutter button.

In long exposures, some degree of noise can enter the exposed image. You can use
the Long exposure noise reduction function to reduce the noise. (C.Fn-1→124)

The elapsed exposure time displayed on the LCD panel is only counted up to
999 seconds. For accurate exposure time, check the information display for the
exposed image. (→104)

Long exposures exceeding 1 second result in increased noise introduced into
the image, and reduce the quality of the image.