Mirror lockup – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

Page 88

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Mirror Lockup

Mirror lock is enabled with C.Fn-3-1 (

124). This function raises the mirror and exposes the

picture, in separate operations. It is useful for close-up shots or when using a super telephoto
lens, where the mirror shock could affect the picture.

When using mirror lockup, we recommend you use the Remote Switch RS-80N3 (sold


Press the shutter button down

The mirror is raised.

The mirror automatically returns to the
down position approximately 30 seconds
after it is raised. Be sure to take the picture
within 30 seconds.


Press the shutter button down
fully again.

The picture is taken, and the mirror goes
back down.

To take the picture again, repeat the
procedure from step 1.

During mirror lockup, the drive mode (→67) is single-frame shooting regardless
of the current setting.

If you use mirror lockup with the self-timer, pressing the shutter button down fully
the first time raises and locks the mirror, then releases the shutter 2 seconds later.

During mirror lockup, do not point the camera at the sun. The sun’s heat can
scorch and damage the shutter curtains.

If you use mirror lockup with the self-timer for a bulb exposure, there will be a
shutter release sound when you release the shutter button during self-timer
operation. This is not the sound of the shutter release.