Quick guide – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

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Quick Guide

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Charge the battery pack

Connect the power cord to the
adapter, then attach the battery.
When the charge lamp stops blinking
and stays lit, the battery is completely
charged. A full battery charge takes
approximately 90 minutes. (→25)


Insert the battery pack.

Open the battery chamber cover and
slide the battery pack into position
until it locks into place.
Press the cover closed until it
clicks shut. (→27)


Mount the lens.

Align the red dots on the lens and
camera and turn the lens in the
direction shown by the arrow in the
diagram until it clicks into place. (→30)


Set the focus mode
switch on the lens to AF.



Focus on the subject.

Look through the viewfinder and
place the AF frame over the subject.
Then press the shutter button down
halfway to focus. (→33)

In low-light conditions or backlit
daylight conditions, the built-in
flash fires automatically. (→90)


Take the shot.

Press the shutter button down
fully. (→33)