Replacing the backup battery – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

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Replacing the Backup Battery

When the backup battery’s power level runs low, the message “

” appears on the camera’s

LCD panel. If this happens, you will need to purchase a replacement CR2025 battery and
replace the backup battery in your camera as follows.
If you replace the backup battery while the camera is connected to a battery pack with power
remaining or to a DC coupler, the date, time, and other menu functions will retain their settings.


Set the Main Switch to




Open the backup battery chamber
cover by turning it 45 degrees
counterclockwise, as shown by the
arrow in the diagram.

Be careful not to rotate the cover more than
45 degrees.


Remove the old backup battery.

Turn the camera so the backup battery
chamber faces down, and press the edge
of the battery to remove it.


Insert a fresh backup battery.

Make sure the battery’s positive (+) side
faces up.


Close the cover by turning it
clockwise, as shown by the arrow in
the diagram.

If the date and time now displayed in the
LCD panel are incorrect, you will need to
set them. (→38)

The backup battery must be a CR2025 button-type lithium battery.