Shutter speed and aperture value readouts, Shutter speed and, Aperture value readouts – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

Page 136: Shutter speed readout, Aperture value readout

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1/2-stop increments

1/3-stop increments

Shutter speed

Shutter speed

Aperture value

Aperture value


Shutter Speed and Aperture Value Readouts

Shutter speed readout

The shutter speed is normally displayed in 1/2-stop increments. Numbers from 4000 to 4
denote the denominator of the shutter speed fraction: for example, 125 is 1/125 seconds. In
addition, 0"3 is 0.3 seconds, and 15" is 15 seconds.

Aperture value readout

The aperture value is normally displayed in 1/2-stop increments. The larger the number, the
smaller the aperture opening. The range of aperture values (f-numbers) displayed depends on
the lens used.

The shutter speed and aperture value can be set in 1/3-stop increments.