Print order, Dpof – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

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Print Order

You can mark the images on a CF card for printing, as well as specify the number of prints, print
type, and the image data (date and file no.). The print specifications for the Canon EOS D30
camera conform to the Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) standard.


DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) is a standard used to record (on the CF card or other
recording media) the image number, number of prints, etc. of images taken by digital cameras.

You can simply insert the CF card into a DPOF-compatible digital printer to make prints as

You will not need to fill out the desired numbers and quantities of prints when ordering prints
from a photo printing lab.


Order the prints from the


Insert the CF card into a digital
printer for easy printing.

Digital printer


Take the CF card to a photo

printing service for easy ordering.

Precautions for Printing from DPOF-compatible Devices

Please note the following when printing from a DPOF-compatible device.

The EOS D30 cannot change print order information set by another DPOF-compatible
device. Any such changes should be made by the device on which the print order was

If the CF card contains image data with print order information from another device, entering
new print order information from the EOS D30 may erase the previous print order

Some DPOF-compatible devices or photo printing services may not use all the recorded
print order information. Check the user’s guide for the device you are using, or with the photo
printing service.