Night scene mode – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

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Night Scene Mode

If you are taking images of scenery only (and not people), use Landscape


Tell your subjects not to move for a few seconds after the flash fires.

You can also use Night Scene

mode with an EX-series Speedlite.

In daylight, Night Scene

mode operates the same as

(Full Auto)


For best results in Night Scene mode, use a film speed setting of ISO 400 or faster.
(→55, 120)

This mode is for taking pictures of people at sunset or
at night. It uses flash to illuminate the subject and a
slow shutter speed to expose the background,
resulting in a natural-looking exposure.

Set the Mode Dial to


The way you take pictures is the same as in

(Full Auto) mode. (→42)

The AF mode is automatically set to



, the drive mode to

(Single shot),

and the metering mode to


The Quality setting is automatically set to

Large/Fine (2160



To prevent camera shake, always use a tripod.

When the shutter speed has been automatically set to 1-2 seconds, it will take
one second from when the shutter button is pressed down fully until the picture
is taken. Continue pressing the shutter button until the picture is taken.