Conventions used in this manual – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

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Conventions Used in This Manual

All descriptions in this manual assume that the Main Switch is already set to


. Set it to


before proceeding with any operation.

In this manual, the

icon indicates the Main Dial.

In this manual the

icon indicates the Quick Control Dial.

In this manual the

icon indicates the SET button, used to

set menu functions and custom functions.

In this manual, the [C.Fn] symbol indicates a brief explanation

of the respective custom function. For details, refer to “Custom

Function Settings ”(


The camera control icons and markings in this booklet correspond to the icons and

markings on the camera. See "Nomenclature" on page 16.

Reference page numbers are shown in parentheses (


The procedures in this user’s guide use a Canon EF 24-85mm F3.5-4.5 USM lens for


The descriptions also assume that the menu functions and custom functions are set to the

default settings.

The icons (

), (

), and (

) indicate that the function operates on a timer, and

remains in effect after the button is released. The icons represent 4, 6, or 16 seconds


In general, the illustrations used for explaining procedures are taken with a single-lens

reflex camera using 35 mm film.

This user’s guide uses the following symbols as described:




: Indicates precautions about potential problems with photographing.

: Indicates additional information you may find helpful.

: Indicates useful pointers for better camera operation or better photographs.