Fe lock, Flash exposure compensation, Modeling flash – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

Page 99: Wireless multi-light/e-ttl autoflash photography

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Flash Photography with the EOS-Dedicated 550EX Speedlite

FE Lock

Taking FE Lock pictures with the 550EX Speedlite is the same as described in “FE Lock” (→94)
for the built-in flash. In step 1, be sure the 550EX Speedlite pilot lamp is on.
The flash mode may be either normal flash or high-speed sync. The FE lock operates with
either mode.

Flash Exposure Compensation

For flash pictures with flash exposure compensation, see “Flash Exposure Compensation” for
the built-in flash. (→95)

Modeling Flash

Modeling flash allows you to see shadows, light balance, and other effects produced by multi-
light settings.


Check that the camera and
Speedlite are properly set for flash


Press the camera ’s depth-of-field
preview button.

The Speedlite fires at 70Hz for approximately
one second.

Wireless Multi-Light/E-TTL Autoflash

The 550EX Speedlite can be operated as a slave light from a master (550EX or ST-E2) for easy
wireless multi-light/E-TTL autoflash photography. The slave 550EX is placed to supplement the
master flash, which provides the primary flash for the subject.

This is a Type-A camera. For details, refer to the user’s guide for your Speedlite.