Using the built-in flash, Red-eye reduction, Fe lock – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

Page 90: Flash exposure compensation, Using the built-in flash in the easy shooting zone, Using the built-in flash in the creative zone, E-ttl autoflash, Fe (flash exposure) lock

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Using the Built-in Flash

The built-in flash lets you take the following kinds of flash pictures with the ease of a normal AE

E-TTL autoflash

E-TTL autoflash (preflash evaluative metering in memory) supplies the correct level of flash for
the subject in the focusing point selected by AF.

FE (Flash Exposure) lock



FE (flash exposure) lock sets the correct flash exposure for a selected part of the subject. The
FE lock functions as an AE lock with flash.

Flash exposure compensation



This function corrects the flash level in much the same way as the Exposure compensation
function. The level of compensation can be up to ±2 stops in 1/2-stop increments.

Using the Built-in Flash in the Easy
Shooting Zone

In the Easy Shooting zone (except in


modes), the built-in flash pops up and

fires automatically in low-light or backlit conditions.

Using the Built-in Flash in the Creative Zone

In the Creative zone, you can take flash pictures by simply pressing the <

> button to pop

up the built-in flash at any time, regardless of lighting conditions.

: Select

〈 〉

mode for full autoflash.

The shutter speed and aperture value are determined automatically, just as in

(Full Auto) mode.

: Select

mode to manually set a shutter speed slower than 1/200 second.

The camera then automatically sets the flash aperture value to provide the proper
exposure for your shutter speed.

: Select

mode to manually set the aperture value.

In low-light conditions against a background such as a night sky, you can use
automatic slow-sync settings to properly expose the main subject and the
background. The main subject is captured by the flash, and the background is
captured by time exposure using a slow shutter speed.

Because automatic slow-sync photography uses a slow shutter speed, always use
a tripod.

: Select

mode to set the shutter speed and the aperture value manually.

The main subject is exposed properly by the flash. The background exposure varies
according to the shutter speed and aperture settings.

: The effect is the same as using flash in

〈 〉