Automatic built-in flash, Af-assist light – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

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Simple Picture




Fully Automatic Picture Taking

The focus and exposure are locked when AF focusing is complete.

The camera automatically focuses on the focusing point that is on the subject
closest to the camera.

You can set the beep that indicates the subject is in focus or the beep that
indicates the self-timer is operating to On or Off. (→37, 120)

If anything blocks the flash so that it cannot pop up automatically, the error code

” (→137) appears on the LCD panel. When this occurs, set the Main

Switch to


and then set it to



For precautions and information about using the built-in flash, see “Flash
Photography” (→90).

If the CF card becomes full, the CF Full message “

” appears on the LCD

panel and in the viewfinder, and the camera will not take any more pictures.
Replace the CF card with another CF card that has capacity available.

When the in-focus indicator

is blinking, the camera will not take pictures.

(→63, 139)

To take pictures in an area where flash photography is prohibited or using indoor
lighting, the

(Program) (→72) mode setting is recommended.

When taking flash pictures of people at night or in dark interiors, we recommend
using “Red-eye reduction” (→93).

Automatic Built-in Flash

In the Easy Shooting zone (other than


), the flash pops up automatically and

fires in low-light conditions or backlit daylight conditions. Press the flash back down when you
are finished using it.

AF-Assist Light

In dark locations, pressing the shutter button
down halfway causes the AF-assist light emitter
to light. The AF-assist light helps the AF function
focus the shot.

The effective range of the AF-assist light in focusing is approximately 3.8 m/12.5 ft.

When using an EX-series Speedlite for the EOS camera (sold separately), the AF-
assist light built into the camera or the flash operates, depending on shooting

You can set AF-assist light to On or Off. (C.Fn-5 →124)