Error codes, Message list – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

Page 137

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Error Codes

When a camera error occurs, an error code (Err xx) appears on the LCD panel. When this
happens, set the Main Switch to


and then set it to



If an error code is displayed frequently, this indicates that a malfunction has occurred.
Make a note of the error code and contact your nearest Canon Service Center (see back

If an error code is displayed after you take a picture, the picture may not have been
recorded. Press the play button and review the image.

Message List

The following messages are displayed on the LCD monitor.


A picture is being stored on the CF card, or the camera is loading a

recorded image.

CF card is missing

Attempted to take a picture or play an image with no CF card in the


CF card error

There is a problem with the CF card.

CF card full

The CF card has stored all the pictures it can hold. No more pictures

can be stored. Also no more print orders can be stored.

Unable to create file name

A file already exists with the file name that the camera is attempting

to create. Or the file numbers have already reached the maximum
value and no new file numbers can be created. Transfer the
necessary number of images to a computer, then use the computer
to format the CF card. Note that formatting will erase all images and
information on the CF card.

No image

No images are recorded on the CF card.

Image is too large

Attempted to play an image having a size larger than 3200




Non-compatible JPEG

Attempted to play an image having a JPEG format that is not

compatible with the camera.

Data is corrupted

Attempted to play an image containing corrupted data.

Unable to rotate image

Attempted to rotate an image recorded by another camera or in

another format, or processed by a computer.

Unable to identify image

Attempted to play an image taken in a special format (such as a

format unique to a camera from another manufacturer).


Attempted to erase a protected image.

Setting is too high

Attempted to enter a print order quantity that is too high. Enter a

lower quantity.

Unable to complete setting

Print order or slide show setting could not be stored.