Ai servo af for moving subjects, Ai focus af, About predictive af – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

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AF Mode Selection

AI Servo AF for Moving Subjects

Press and hold the shutter button
down halfway, and the camera
focuses continuously.

This mode is suited for moving subjects
when the focusing distance keeps

With its predictive AF function, the camera
can also track a subject that is steadily
approaching or retreating from the camera.

The exposure settings are determined
immediately before the picture is taken.

If the in-focus indicator

in the viewfinder blinks, the camera has not focused.

You can set the camera so that during AI Servo AF operation, you can press the

button and the focus will momentarily lock as long as the button is held down.

(C. Fn-2-2→124)

About Predictive AF

When a subject is approaching or retreating from the camera at a constant rate, the focusing
function can track the subject and predict the focusing distance immediately before the
picture is taken so that the shot will be in focus at the moment of exposure.

When the focusing point is selected automatically, the camera uses one of three focusing
points to focus on the subject. Tracking and predictive focusing is carried out using the
selected focusing point.

When the focusing point is selected manually (→61), the selected focusing point tracks the

AI Focus AF

AI Focus AF is set automatically in

(Full Auto) mode. At the time of the shot, the camera

automatically selects One-shot AF and AI Servo AF according to the state of the subject.
If the subject is focused in One-shot AF and the subject then begins to move continuously, the
camera detects the movement, automatically switches to AI Servo AF, and focuses
continuously as it tracks the subject.