Connecting to a tv – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

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Connecting to a TV

You can connect the EOS D30 to a television (using the video cable provided with your camera)
to display your recorded images. Always turn off the camera and the television before
connecting or disconnecting them.


Open the cover.


Connect the cable.

Connect the cable to the VIDEO OUT
terminal on the camera and to the video
input terminal on the TV.

Insert the cable plug all the way, until it
clicks into place.


Turn the TV on, and set the input
switch to Video In.


Set the Main Switch to




Press the


The image appears on the TV screen.

You can use the TV to view images or make
menu settings just as you would with the
LCD monitor.

When you finish, set the Main Switch to


, turn the TV off, then disconnect the

video cable.

When using a TV screen display, we recommend that you connect the EOS D30
to a household power supply using the DC coupler. (→29)

Images and menus do not appear on the LCD monitor while the video cable is
connected to the camera.

You can also switch the TV video signal to PAL (→123). The default setting is for
the NTSC signal standard.

Video input terminal