Turning the information display on and off, Info, Image information displayed during play – Canon EOS D30 User Manual

Page 104: Histograms, High brightness warning

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Viewing Recorded Images


Turning the Information Display On and Off

When an image is displayed on the LCD monitor, you can press the


button to view

information about that image. Image information is available only for single-image displays.

Image Information Displayed During PLAY

The following information is displayed:

Press the



Pressing the button repeatedly switches the LCD
monitor information display On and Off.

You can change the displayed image using the

dial, just as for a single-image display.

Aperture value (→130, 136)
Shutter speed (→132, 136)
Camera mode (→20)
Image number/total images

For settings displayed while preparing to shoot, see “Checking Camera Settings” (→64).

You can switch the information display On and Off by pressing the


button, even during automated playback (Auto playback) (→105), or while
rotating (→106), or protecting images (→107).


The histogram is a graph showing brightness levels on the horizontal axis, and the number of
pixels at each level of brightness on the vertical axis. Darker pixels are towards the left side of
the graph, and brighter pixels towards the right. By looking at a histogram you can determine
the brightness of a picture after it is recorded.
If the histogram is higher towards the dark end, set the exposure compensation (→81) towards
the plus end. If the histogram is higher
towards the light end, set the exposure
compensation towards the minus end,
then take the picture again.

High Brightness Warning

When exposure information is displayed for a picture that will be overexposed, the related
settings will blink. For better results check the histogram and adjust the exposure
compensation towards the minus end (→81), then take the picture again.

Sample Histograms

Darker image

Normal brightness

Lighter image

Image (→44)

File number (→32)

ISO speed (→55)

White balance (→68)

Metering mode (→66)

Time (→38)

Exposure compensation (→95)
Flash exposure compensation
(→95) (not displayed when
flash not in use)

Date (→38)

Image protect (→107)

Quality (→54)