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Broiling or Convection Broiling

Professional Dual Fuel Range


to broiling


Convection Broil. Choose HI or LO setting in
either mode.

• The HI setting can be used to seal in juices or

provide intense browning or charring when
needed for foods such as hamburgers, roasted
vegetables, whole peppers, eggplant, corn,
assorted cut vegetables, kabobs and very thin
meats such as smoked pork chops, London
broil and chicken.

• The LO setting can be used for foods that

need adequate browning and also need to
be thoroughly cooked, like fish fillets, pork
tenderloin and beef roast.


Uses the convection fan for added evenness.

How to set

the oven

for broiling




 Turn the Oven Mode Selector to %52,/ or


 Turn the Oven Temperature Knob to /2%52,/

or +,%52,//2 or +, will appear in the display.

127( Always broil with the door closed.

If the door is left open, the display will scroll
“CLOSE door” and the elements will not turn on
until the door is shut.

The oven interior lights will turn on and stay on
until the oven is turned off.

The convection fan will turn on when &219
is selected.

 When broiling is finished, turn the Oven Mode

Selector and the Temperature knob to 2)).

127( A cooling fan will turn on to cool internal

parts. This is normal, and the fan may continue
to run even after the oven is turned off.

The broiler does not need to be preheated
for most broiling. However, foods that cook
quickly, such as thin strips of meat or fish
may require a short preheating period of
approximately 5 minutes to allow the food
to brown. Turn the food only once during

127(Broil will not work if the temperature

probe is plugged in. Never leave your probe
inside the oven during a broil cycle.

Open door broiling is

not permitted.

Oven Mode Selector

Oven Temperature

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