Care and cleaning, Oven lights – GE ZDP486NDPSS User Manual

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Care and Cleaning

Professional Dual Fuel Range

Oven lights


Before replacing a bulb,

disconnect electrical power to the oven at the

main fuse or circuit breaker panel.
Each oven is equipped with halogen light columns

located on the side walls of the oven. The lights

come on when the door is opened or when the

oven is in a cooking cycle.
Each light assembly consists of a removable light

cover with two locking clips and a light compartment

with three halogen bulbs.
Be sure to let the light cover and bulb cool

completely. For your safety, do not touch a

hot bulb with bare hands or a damp cloth.


 Remove the racks from the oven. See the

Full extension oven racks section.

 Using a 7/16s nutdriver, remove the four nuts

holding the rack supports to the oven wall.

 Remove the glass light cover by pulling its back

edge out and rolling it toward you. Do not

remove any screws.

4. Using gloves or a dry cloth, remove the

burned-out light bulb by pulling it straight out.

Use a new 120-volt Halogen

bulb, with G8 pins, not to

exceed 25 watts.
Replacement bulbs may be purchased by calling

800.626.2002. Order Part Number WB25T10064.
NOTE: Higher wattage bulbs will damage your oven.
Using gloves or a dry cloth, remove the bulb from

Oil from bare fingers may cause hot spots

on the glass surface and lead to premature failure

of the bulb. If you do touch the glass, clean it with

alcohol prior to installation.

 Push the bulb straight into the receptacle all the


 Replace the light cover, by placing its

front edge under the front two tabs in the light

compartment. Roll the back edge into place,

making sure that it is firmly seated.

127( If the locking clips fell from the glass lens

cover, hold them on the cover, in the correct

position, while replacing the cover on the light



 Reinstall the rack support. Be sure to orient the

support so that the top tabs for the nuts are

closest to the top of the oven. Lightly secure

with the four nuts removed earlier, but do not

over-tighten or the enamel could be chipped.

 Replace the racks. See the Full extension oven

racks section.

5. Reconnect electrical power to the oven.



Press the light cover into place

Place front

edge of lens

cover under

front two



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